Fundipedia is a product data management platform built in partnership with, and delivered to the asset management industry.

We work with some of the biggest names in the industry and through the delivery of dozens of successful Fundipedia installations, we have identified the most common risks and established strong mechanisms to mitigate them.

From initial demonstration to user-ready, our implementation team will typically have Fundipedia Data Management up and running in less than 12 weeks.

  • Delivered in an agile manner, ensuring the solution delivers value early and often using an incremental delivery model
  • Client-owned and managed but delivered Software as a Service (SaaS) so you get the best of both worlds; all the benefits of the solution and none of the technical burden
  • Scalable, flexible infrastructure designed to easily extend the platform with additional Fundipedia products to meet your growing data needs

Implementation – Risks and Lessons Learned

1. Risk: Scope and Priority

Scope and priority changes can occur during implementation, particularly during the business socialisation process.

Understanding how new Fundipedia functionality or capability is understood by future users can be multifaceted and hard to predict. This can cause go-live timeline extensions and increased complexity for the project team.

How we mitigate:

  • Clear implementation and post go-live scope with mutually agreed success criteria
  • Socialisation plan for future business users
  • Expectation management of future business area users with a process to gather further functionality requirements for later delivery

2. Risk: Resource Availability

Resource availability, from the Fundipedia client’s data and business teams to provide subject matter expertise and parallel run activities can be limited.

How we mitigate:

  • Established business ownership of Fundipedia during and post-Implementation to ensure resource availability and allocation problems are identified early and managed.

3. Risk: Contract Approval Process

The time elapsed achieving contract approval can impact the project start, including early client access to Fundipedia.

How we mitigate:

  • Detailed procurement process shared prior to implementation planning.

4. Risk: Information Security and Broader Due Diligence Process

The time elapsed achieving business and InfoSec due diligence sign off can impact the project start.

How we mitigate:

  • Detailed due diligence answers are available from Fundipedia.
  • Fundipedia ensures clients share any potential due diligence as early as possible to avoid delays.
  • ISO 27001 accreditation

5. Risk: Data Quality

The quality or consistency of existing data being migrated to Fundipedia can create additional workloads and impact timelines, especially if extensive corrections and cleansing are required.

How we mitigate:

  • A process by which information sets are reviewed early in the implementation planning process to initiate, if required, a phase of data normalisation ahead of testing and migration.
  • Existing data issues and challenges are shared at the commencement of Implementation planning.

6. Risk: Process Re-engineering

The implementation of Fundipedia can highlight areas of weakness in existing data sourcing processes required to support data. This may necessitate process, data, and technology re-engineering to be included in the project.

How we mitigate:

  • Review of existing operational model pre-planning to identify any process weaknesses and necessary actions.

7. Risk: Information Access

The ability to access and share information between clients and Fundipedia can cause delays in the analysis and review of requirements.

How we mitigate:

  • Project governance structure documentation to clarify key project resources.
  • Information access permissions and authorisation processes are documented and actioned early.
  • Information, data and file sharing environments agreed, and set up, at the commencement of the project.

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