Fundipedia is the only fully data agnostic data management platform for the Asset Management industry. Through intelligent automation and powerful control models, Fundipedia provides firms with complete control of their product data without increasing staff headcount. It connects effortlessly to any system to leverage your data across multiple areas of the business and with 3rd parties.

Our data management solution is used by some of the largest companies in the world. We care about the projects we take on and we’re proud of our clients and their achievements. 

Here is what to expect when working with Fundipedia: 


The software development process

Fundipedia development follows the Agile methodology with a DevOps culture. Agile helps us to deliver features faster with a high emphasis on quality. 

We perform releases on a schedule that is pre-agreed with customers. Each client will be assigned a unique instance of Fundipedia on their existing environment. Generally, Fundipedia customers are advised months in advance of releases. Fundipedia will then work in partnership with each client to minimise disruption to their business activities as a consequence of scheduled maintenance.

All Fundipedia clients are provided with a minimum of three Fundipedia environments – Production, Test and Development. User acceptance testing is undertaken in partnership with each client, and only upon sign off do we move a release from Development > Test > Production.

We propose frequent (at least monthly) meetings between stakeholders on both sides to discuss ideas for improvement. This would be a continuous cycle, with clients providing feedback on existing and suggestions for new functionality. Fundipedia would also proactively feed ideas back to our clients based on market research and conversations with other clients, partners and trade bodies.


Training can be provided face to face but our preference (and typically that of our clients, even pre-Covid) is to create several pre-recorded webinars each month that staff can watch at a time that suits them. This ensures that both new and existing staff can take advantage of training as and when needed. In addition, a wide range of online documentation and training videos are also available for administrators and users.

 When new features are released, training documentation is updated in-app and email updates are sent out to link users subscribed to updates to new/updated documentation. Webinars also incorporate information about new functionality in the system.

Service Levels

Fundipedia will be available 24/7 outside of downtime for scheduled maintenance. The minimum notice for any scheduled maintenance is seven (7) days. We are happy to discuss performing maintenance in a manner that causes minimal disruption for our clients. 

Our clients have access to a 24/5 support desk that is constantly manned. Support can be contacted by email, telephone or online webchat. Monitoring tools are enabled to track, alert and report uptime.

Monitoring regulatory changes in the industry

We are members of TISA, FinDatEx, the Investment Association and a 2020 cohort member of their accelerator program ‘Engine’ which gives us access to the latest policy and regulations that impact our customers. We are also members of TISA who provide consumer oriented regulatory feedback. 

 We closely monitor, stay ahead and inform our clients about any regulatory changes that will impact them.

Unlike most database driven software solutions, Fundipedia does not have a fixed database architecture. Our clients each require a unique data model for their particular business. Fundipedia supports this by using a meta-data driven database, which is entirely flexible. 

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