In 2022 Fundipedia onboarded more new clients than in any previous year.  Our teams created a range of new features in response to new and existing customer feedback that ensures Fundipedia continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing data management demands across our wider industry.

If you would like to see one or more of these features in action please get in touch for a demo.

A wide range of powerful enhancements are planned for 2023, including new additions to Fundi Launch Workflow that our clients use to drive down product lifecycle times and increase data accuracy.

One login for different environments

  • Users will now be able to log in to separate production/live, test, and dev environments using the same credentials,
  • Users will be able to view the environments they have access to through a central link.
  • Users must now log in with an email address/password or single sign-on.

Report Feed History

  • All downloads and executed schedules can now be viewed on the ‘Download History’ tab in the ‘Report Details’ section, allowing for a comprehensive audit trail of all downloads.

Report History

  • A new ‘History’ dashboard can be found in the ‘Report Details’ Tab on the Report page.
  • Option to leave a comment when saving any changes to lend extra context to the report history.

Report Template

  • Users can now create a report template – a set of configured filters that can be applied to new and existing reports.

Country Registrations

  • There is now a dedicated table for storing country registration data, called the Registration Matrix.

Record Templates

  • Records can now be assigned a ‘Record Template’.
  • Fields can be marked as either applicable or not applicable for a given record template.
  • Data in fields ‘not applicable’ for a record automatically output as “N/A”.

User Access

  • The login page has been updated for all environments.

Reporting Feeds

  • The report feeds screen allows authorised users to see the status of all scheduled reports.
  • It is now possible to ‘Download All Feeds’, using a new button at the top of the ‘Report Feeds’ page.

Report List User Interface

  • New left-hand menu to allow users to switch between reports and templates.
  • Users can filter the reports by my reports, bookmarked reports and reports which have been shared with the user.

Fundipedia Workflow Module

  • Optional module that can be added to Fundipedia
  • Added SLAs to actions to ensure that critical steps are escalated if not performed to a deadline
  • Enhanced audit trail and addition MI highlights actions in a workflow that regularly contribute to process delays for root cause analysis

Import Filters From a Template or Report

  • End users are now able to import filters from a saved report template or report.

New Custom Field Functionality

Additional functionality has been added to custom fields including the option to select:

  • A range of dynamic dates based around calendar months
  • Conditional values, allowing users to build simple logics directly into the report without the need to create a separate field and change event
  • A decimal output for percentage fields which will output their values as basis points.

Updated Report Filters

  • New report filters have been added allowing users to run reports more precisely against their desired date range.

Additional Report Scheduling Functionality

  • When copying a report, any schedule attached to that report is now also copied.
  • Schedules can also be imported from an existing report.
  • Refined scheduling functionality allowing for schedules to run on business days rather than calendar days and more user-friendly scheduling controls.
  • Individual schedules can now be toggled off/on, retaining all configurations.
  • Scheduled files can now also be sent out in a wider range of formats, such as tab-separated CSV.

Show All Fields In A Report

  • Users now have the option to show all fields in a report on the report builder,

Change CSV Delimitation on Report Download 

  • When downloading or scheduling a report in CSV format, users can now specify the delimiter used in the file.

Report Preview Performance Improvement 

  • The report preview generated by Fundipedia and shown on the UI before downloading is now carried out as a background job, improving site performance.

Clear values for Lookup Fields 

  • Data in lookup fields can now be removed in bulk using the import data feature.
  • A new checkbox is available which, when ticked, blank cells for lookup fields will reset the value of the field to a blank, rather than making no change.

Validation Rules

  • Many of the new report filters added in the latest version are also available for validation rules.
  • The schedule that validation rules are set to run is now visible on the validation rule dashboard.
  • Additionally, more information is added to the results of each rule (fields included vary and are configurable).

Entity Permission Improvements 

  • Entity Permissions have been moved alongside Record Templates.

Customised Approvals Page

  • The approvals page now, by default, only shows users changes that they are permitted to approve under the ‘My Approvable Changes’ tab.

Dynamic Data

  • Dynamic data functionalities have been expanded, allowing for the automated import of prices, total net assets, and holdings data from third-party administrators.
  • This data can then be viewed and reported on in Fundipedia alongside the static data.

Document Generation

  • It is now possible to create documents incorporating Fundipedia data.
  • Documents can be generated via the ‘Manage Templates” tab on the top menu bar.
  • Documents for a specific fund/share class can then be downloaded using the menu on the left side of the object’s page.