Fundipedia is a proud sponsor of TSAM London 2022, taking place on 16th June in Houndsditch.

This interview sees Fundipedia Managing Director, Simon Swords, answer questions posed by Ana from TSAM Digital.


  • So, tell me about Fundipedia – what does it do for clients?
  • Why can’t asset managers build their own solutions for data management?
  • Are there any other advantages of working with a fintech over an incumbent?
  • What are the common data problems that you see across the asset management industry? In other words, where do asset managers encounter the most pain?
  • How do Fundipedia and its team keep in the loop on the latest regulatory changes, for example, ESG and EET
  • ESG is a hot topic at the moment, how is Fundipedia helping asset managers to solve the regulatory reporting around this?
  • Fast forward 10 years – where do you see the asset management industry? Specifically around the way in which it handles technology and data?
  • What are your plans for Fundipedia in the coming 2 – 3 years?


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