Fundipedia has added a new product to our comprehensive, end-to-end data management platform. Fundi Launch Workflow is a user-friendly, customisable, fully integrated fund and share class launch solution that is designed to help asset managers streamline and optimise their fund and share class launch processes.

Building Fundi Launch Workflow, we set out to solve what we found to be the most common pain points experienced by asset managers when embarking on a new launch. With an ever increasing amount of data to process, constantly evolving regulations and competition to get new products to market faster, we understood the need for a product that would increase efficiency and reduce launch time, leading to faster acquisition of AUM.


Data, data, everywhere.

The volume of data required for a new launch is continually growing. Many firms still use spreadsheets and word documents to record the information required to launch a product or share class. These documents are shared with multiple people via email, and on shared drives, creating some very obvious risks. As the volume of data keeps increasing, so too does the amount of people involved in the project, making the cost of human error a big concern.

Fundi Launch Workflow allows your team to build a customisable workflow to automate your end-to-end launch. The result is a global, unified view with each department working from a single ‘golden source’ of data, enhancing visibility and control.

Intelligent autocomplete, with preconfigured data mappings, helps to avoid human error while inaccurate data is automatically returned to authors for review without a need to restart the entire workflow.

All of this combined saves our customers both time and money – and perhaps more importantly reduces the overall grind usually associated with product development collaboration. After all, teams are much more likely to actively participate in work that is optimised for successful outcomes.


Escalate and regulate

The typically long winded nature of launching a fund or share class across many departments makes it hard for a single person to have oversight of the entire project. If someone key to the process is absent or if there is a delay, the process will grind to an unnecessary halt.

Fundi Launch Workflow has an automated delay notification that escalates any delays to the relevant people so they can deal with them in a timely manner. The intelligent and entirely customisable workflow automations act as a first responder, notifying your team, team member or whomever you configure to be alerted, when specific actions are not completed within a predefined SLA. With an audit trail that has full archive and audit capabilities, regulatory and record keeping obligations are always met.

These innovations ensure delays or errors are dealt with in a timely manner, by those accountable, without having to rely solely on human oversight and intervention. Data is then sent downstream in the full knowledge that it has been optimsed and checked for errors prior to dissemination, and is formatted to fit individual client requirements.

By virtually eliminating the risk of human error, which can cause the dissemination of inaccurate data and, subsequently, costly delays, Fundi Launch Workflow formalises, accelerates and cuts the cost of fund and share class launches.

We would love to show you more – Download the Fundi Launch Workflow Factsheet hereBook a demo here.