Prevent further changes when records have pending changes

Fields that have a pending change will be read only for users and can not be edited. A tooltip will be displayed providing more information to the end user.

Additional notes:

  • Administrators will have the ability to toggle this feature on or off
  • Sensitive changes do not block additional changes
  • Feature does not prevent change events from submitting changes
  • Future dated changes block additional changes
Entity lookups support secondary fields for UI display and reporting

For multi entity lookup fields allow administrators to configure what fields are visible on the selection screen.

At present, only the name or other identifier, such as fund name, is visible to the end user. Showing more columns will help with context, e.g. Fund Family.

Field search

A new “find field” feature has been added to locate a field in the Fundipedia user interface. This feature will allow users to search for a field using a partial search of the display name.

API changes

New endpoints to retrieve user and group data from the API.

A new permission has been added to grant users the ability to create new reports. By default this is enabled. 
Mark a report as a favourite for easy retrieval

Favourite reports will appear at the top of the users report list and will be marked with a star or other indicator. Users must be able to favourite a report when in report edit mode or from the report list.

Download data from reports from the API

Fundipedia is capable of storing a large amount of static and dynamic data. Using the API you can retrieve a pre-configured report, however if that report is large it can take time to run and results are retrieved in JSON format.

To support long running executions, three new API end points will be added to the system:

  1. Start a report job – user would specify the report ID to execute

  2. Poll the report job to check the status – this would return a running or complete status

  3. Download the results once complete – A file of the results would be stored in Fundipedia which can then be retrieved

The user will be able to specify if the data is output in Excel, CSV or JSON format.

Reporting standards on custom report fields

Users can now add reporting standard headers (such as Openfunds, EPT) to custom fields. This is helpful where a field may not exist in Fundipedia or the column output is always the same value.

Hide fields from report output

Users can now choose whether a field is visible in the report output or not. This is useful if a field needs to be included as a user defined filter but not visible in the results.

New date display template for DD-MMM 
Record template enhancements 

  • A new dialog is shown for users to select the record template when creating a new record.
  • Record templates cascade from the parent object, e.g. if Fund record templateis ‘SICAV’ the child share classes can inherit this record template.
  • All fields from all objects can be displayed in the record template dashboard to show applicability. Equally you can filter down to a specific record template.
  • Users can now easily change the record template of an existing record.
Users can now easily clear/null lookup item fields via an import

At the moment users cannot clear a lookup item once an item has been selected and saved. A new option will be added to the import screen to allow users to opt to clear lookup values included in the import file. This is accompanied by a new permission.