In seeking to meet and overcome the challenges Investment Managers face in the wake of soaring trade volumes, increasingly complex transactions, and mounting pressure for faster reconciliation, firms today face an unprecedented level of hardship but also a myriad of opportunities. 

One of the greatest challenges Asset Managers must overcome is their capacity to meet the growing market demand for accurate and fast data reconciliation, regardless of volume levels. Efficient scaling has become impossible with existing manual processes. 

Here are 8 potential pitfalls of manual reconciliation that can hold your business back:

  1. Higher operational risk from unmatched data items
  2. Account errors that mislead Portfolio Managers, particularly regarding their available assets 
  3. A long reconciliation cycle that leads to decisions made based on old or inaccurate data
  4. An unnecessary rush to get “period end” reports ready on time, rather than prioritising correct production
  5. Poor client service which may result in decreased client engagement and asset retention
  6. Engaging staff in low-value functions thereby failing to fulfill their highest potential resulting in low productivity and higher turnover 
  7. Lack of operational scalability
  8. Higher risk of compliance issues as a result of inaccurate performance numbers


Fortunately, there is a better way.

Manual reconciliation is becoming increasingly redundant, and those embracing new technologies early will gain the competitive edge. Technology affords Asset Managers the opportunity to increase efficiency, reduce cost and eliminate errors.  

Implementing an effective reconciliation environment requires a solution that can capture, validate, match and reconcile data between your portfolios and a wide range of external parties. Sounds complicated… Fundipedia is here to help.

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