Report enhancements

  • New option to include the report execution date and/or time in a report column output.
  • New ‘Is in’ and ‘Is not in’ report filters – this allows reporting across a range of values. Report groups can be defined to store a list of values which can be used with these filters.
New administrator reports added

  • All Active Groups and Permissions – Lists all active security groups and the permissions assigned to each. 
  • All Active Users In Groups – List of all active users and the security groups they are in. 
  • All Active Lookup Values – Lists of all active lookup values for lookup fields. 
  • Openfunds ID Fields – Lists all the configured Openfunds fields. 
  • Reporting Standard Fields – Lists all reporting standard fields (e.g. EMT, EPT, Openfunds)
New dd-mmm-yyyy date display format added.
Users can now mark records as sensitive on a bulk import. This means sensitive data changes are only visible to nominated users.
A new reporting standards centre has been added which allows users to see all fields configured with a reporting standard in one dashboard with the ability to import and export.
Record template enhancements 

  • A new filter has been added to the field selector when designing a layout to allow users to see what fields are applicable for selected record template.
  • Validation for mandatory fields which are not applicable for a record template are now not checked.
User defined definitions have been added to lookup items. A new system report allows users to export lookup items and their definitions.
First and last business day of the month has been added as a new schedule on import feeds.
Inline table editing – This feature allows users to edit values directly from table views in Fundipedia, for example, a list of registrations under a shareclass. This would make editing records in bulk easier.
500 character limit has been added to all system Name fields.
Security access Points have been tidied up and recategorised for ease of use.
Improved error messaging for bulk importing entity lookup values. The system will now state which entity is invalid.
You can now create a new change event from the change event dashboard instead of navigating to the field in the schema. 
The size of the textbox when setting a specific value in a change event has been increased to allow users to see more of the field value. 
Entity and multi lookup field enhancements: 

  • A new filter textbox has been added to make it easier to find the record you’re looking for. The filter will look for any part of the text and return items in the list.  
  • New select and cancel buttons have been added for ease of use. 
Link has been added to the notification settings screen on email notification emails. 
Data lineage now includes whether a field has been used as sort or filters in reports. 
Object and field display names are now used on the new graph dashboards.