We are happy to announce our new implementation associates Sarah Bliss and Edward Dunkley. 

Once a year we select 1-2 bright, accomplished and highly motivated graduates as part of Fundipedia’s Graduate Development Program. Our selection process is very competitive and goes through a short questionnaire, a quick get to know you conversation, a practical task and a proper long interview. We often get 500+ applications and we are carefully choosing the ones who are ready to roll up their sleeves. 

Get to know below Sarah and Edward, our news additions to the Fundipedia family. 

Hi Sarah, Edward, nice to have you on board with Fundipedia! What would you tell us about yourself?

Sarah: I am a London girl born and bred – growing up in Wandsworth and attending my local Primary School before moving to Francis Holland for Secondary School. I then studied History at King’s College London, graduating in Summer 2020. In my spare time I enjoy traveling, any kind of sports (mainly netball and running) as well as cooking and spending time with friends and family. Preferably in the sunshine!!!

Edward: I am a Modern Languages undergraduate and also have an MSc in Management. In between my two degrees I spent a year working in B2B Sales for a conference company and most recently have worked organising events for the University of Bath’s Students’ Union – an interesting challenge given the recent situation! My interests include lots of different sports – I am on the board for GB Roundnet, a sport you may not even have heard of! – reading and playing board games with friends and family.

What is your current role in Fundipedia?

Sarah: I am an Implementation Associate at Fundipedia – working alongside Susan and Edward as well as the rest of the Fundi team. My current role can see me doing any number of things from building reports and sitting in on client meetings to designing a website and everything in between. Though I have only been here a month, I have loved the variety of challenges and opportunities to learn and develop that the role has offered me so far.

Edward: I’m working in the implementation team of Fundipedia, helping roll out our software to clients. I’ve been helping build reports and personalise UI to client specifications so that when we launch Fundipedia their staff are able to master it quickly and efficiently.

What excited you about this opportunity? 

Sarah: I wanted to take on a challenge as early on in my career as possible – and what better place to start than my first job! In so far as this was the case, this opportunity excited me as it offered something completely different to other roles I was applying for. It was a flexible position that offered an excellent breadth of chances to grow and learn as a young professional while being nurtured by some extremely impressive mentors as part of a very impressive company. I’m eager to learn more about Asset Management and Software Development as my role develops.

Edward: I was really excited to work as part of a small team and be one of the first junior members of the implementation team so I could grow alongside the business. I was also attracted by the mix of client-facing and internal tasks in my working day.

What part of your new duties do you find the most challenging?

Sarah: Getting to grips with the lexicon. The world of Asset Management is a relatively new one for me and some of the (hundreds) of acronyms have been tricky to wrap my head around at times! Luckily there is always someone around to explain them to me.

Edward: Understanding all the acronyms! Although, in all seriousness, there is a lot of industry knowledge which can be a lot to take in. I’m sure it will be a while before I properly get up to speed with all the terminology, but I’m excited to learn more.

What’s your most-used productivity hack?

Sarah: I take lots of notes (once a History student, always a History student) and make sure to go through them at the end of each day. This ensures I’m learning as much as I can as time goes by.

Edward: Listening to music, and occasionally soundtracks. It really helps me concentrate when I have a large report to build and just need to focus.

What energizes you at work?

Sarah: At least 10 cups of tea a day… 🙂

Edward: Starting on a new task or learning something new energises me as I enjoy getting stuck into new things and expanding my knowledge. I’ve been really happy that my time at Funidpedia/Atlas has been so varied so far.

How do you see yourself grow professionally? 

Sarah: I would like to grow into a competent, brave and hardworking professional without losing a sense of fun and excitement for what I do.

Edward: I’d like to take on more responsibility and move towards managing a team or a project and being at the heart of the decision-making process. I think a company like Fundipedia/Atlas is a great place to do so!

Who inspires you?

Sarah: Though it’s a bit cliché I am very inspired by both of my parents. Not only are they very impressive professionals in their own right, but they have also been huge supporters of my siblings and I. They have encouraged us to work hard and follow our passions and been there to pick up the pieces when things have invariably gone wrong!!! I feel very lucky to have them walk beside me as I take on this new challenge at Fundipedia.

Edward: While I don’t have one particular person who inspires me, I do like to see others succeed. Whether it’s friends or family, or simply something remarkable I’ve seen in the news that someone has done in these tough times. I find it’s a great motivator.

Thank you both for this nice chat. One more time – happy to have you on board. Good luck.


Our Graduate Development Program attracts, retains and develops the very best talent across our organisation to implement our strategy and meet our goals. We are always looking to reward growth and welcome fresh ideas.