Schema enhancements

  • The schema now has its own section and improved UI and new icons.
  • You can now filter fields from the tree view.
  • You can now create your own custom attributes for fields (e.g. ‘Is Business Critical). These properties are available on the field tooltip and reports.
  • All schema changes are captured and visible in a new history section.
  • You can now set permissions from a field.
  • Data Lineage added – you can now track/see what reports a field is part of
Report enhancements

  • User interface refresh / new icons
  • Active filter added by default (can be removed by user)
  • Personal copy of a report does not now copy the permissions
  • All report executions are audited
New email service 

  • The email service has been stablised.
  • All emails have been restyled with a consistent template. 
Export feeds

  • Allows administrators to view all configured scheduled reports and the current status.
Bulk import service

  • Further changes made to the user interface to improve usability.