By Simon Swords, Managing Director

There is no better approach to solving challenges than the famous saying, “two heads are better than one.” At Fundipedia, we believe that real progress and big breakthroughs can’t happen in silos. Developing value-aligned partnerships that focus on common goals and complementary strengths is key to ensuring successful outcomes for all. 

That’s why one of our key strategic priorities is to work collaboratively with partnerships that generate the kind of energy to fuel growth, innovation, creativity and solve business problems. 

Kurtosys and Fundipedia 

Engaging with our customers to understand their entire business landscape is fundamental to how we continue to drive innovation and solve complex problems for them. We use regular meetings, quarterly user groups and a range of other engagement strategies and mediums to understand from customers where pain points exist.   

One of the key challenges that we encounter regularly is an over reliance on brittle manual processes that are resource intensive and not scalable. Worse still, this is compounded by the use of multiple software systems inside the company which are not integrated. 

These data silos are our number one enemy. They destroy our client’s ability to quickly and accurately receive data from third parties, share it within the business, and disseminate it. Ultimately this leads to a less happy experience for our client’s customers, who rely on timely accurate information to do business with our clients. 

To directly assist with this particular issue we have teamed up with Kurtosys. Between Fundipedia and Kurtosys, we provide asset and wealth managers end to end management of their product static and dynamic data, and the automated means to distribute accurate data across a huge number of channels and formats effortlessly. 

This ensures that our client’s customers are on the receiving end of an altogether better customer experience. Which in turn increases customer satisfaction and retention—an absolute must. 

Leaning into each other’s strengths 

Our team at Fundipedia has spent over a decade building a world leading product data master solution which is used by some of the world’s largest asset managers. Where we see Fundipedia providing the most value to our clients is when it is integrated across the business to allow data to flow to the corners of the organisation, and third parties, who need it. 

Kurtosys provides an integrated and powerful platform to allow our clients complete control over the external dissemination of their data from Fundipedia. By joining the Fundipedia and Kurtosys platforms, Fundipedia ensures that the data is accurate and available, and Kurtosys effortlessly distributes it to downstream parties when and how they need it.  

Shared mission, vision and values  

The two companies have a great deal in common. We share the same vision and the same values.  Our solutions provide our clients with the tools they require to automate data management and distribute a low friction go-to-market model that provides them with a competitive advantage. 

Like me, Kurtosys’ CEO Mash Patel is passionate about delivering solutions that solve real customer problems and deliver tangible value. 

This is just the start of our journey with Kurtosys, and we look forward to exploring more ways in which we can continue to add value to our clients.